Want your classic JDM to look this good?


Ever thought about selling your services (or your body *cough*) to fund a project? Maybe your income just isn’t quite covering the cost of getting your interior retrimmed? I think we’ve all been there. Well one of the members over at Vic Z Car come up with a plan to help fund the plans for some major engine work on his Z – Selling his skills in Photoshoppery. Is that a word? Heck with it.

I have to say I like the idea! I’ve been toying with Photoshop myself for years, though I’m not sure I’m at this guy’s level of talent, especially when it comes to colour. I haven’t seen any more of his work other than what he’s shown in this forum thread at Vic Z Car, but hey, if I can help my fellow classic JDM fans get their projects paid for, and if I can help my readers get that little extra magic out of their car’s photos, then I’ll be happy!

Go and check it out.

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