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Wangan Midnight anime - junkyard

Wangan Midnight is, well, a lot of things! Starting out as a manga (Japanese comics) series in 1992, it has since spawned arcade and home console video games, audio soundtracks to buy, a range of merchandise, and now in June 2007 – right now – an anime (Japanese animation) series has been launched by OP Planning, the producers of the popular Initial D anime.

Focusing on Akio Asakura, a young student who stumbles across a slightly wrecked but essentially roadworthy S30 Fairlady Z in a car wrecker’s yard, the series follows Akio’s adventures racing other speed demons – and learning to control the seemingly possessed Z – on the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo.

If you know what you’re doing, the first two episodes (all that’s been aired at this date) are available for download in a “fansubbed” form, so ask around and find out how to get it, because it’s excellent!

If you need a little more convincing, here’s some of links for you.

1) Wikipedia article
2) In depth episode reviews at Moe Moe Rabu – Very good!
3) YouTube link for the first part of episode 1 (with subtitles).

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