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Wangan Midnight Fairlady Z

We received a hot tip from Andy (owner of the Toyota Century we featured) earlier this week about a new game for the PS3 that’s been out in Japan for a little while, that I’m sure you’ll love. It is Wangan Midnight, and the basic pretence to this game appears to be racing up and down big highways of Japan narrowly dodging big trucks at insane speeds. So, true to the original then. And being produced by Genki, it’s bound to be awesome and cool and slightly disappointing. But mostly awesome and cool. The website is in Japanese but there are still videos and pictures to check out!

Click through to the website

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3 Responses to Wangan Midnight on PS3

  1. Van said:

    I actually got a chance to play this at Mike.V’s on the weekend… it’s shit 🙁

    Absolutely nothing like the arcade version, which I have to say is a game I really love. I know console versions of games are never exactly like the arcade, but this is a whole new level of shitty porting.

    The handling is terrible (even with a steering wheel, it would be terrible), the cornering is horrific (and for a game that can be won in the corners, you’d think they’d put some effort into that part of the experience), and the graphics are well below PS3 level.

    Ah well, it’s a good bit of fun for about 10 minutes haha.

  2. Shaneus said:

    You’ll probably find that it’s not actually a port, it’ll be a completely separate game. Some licensed games tend to do this, where an arcade game will be completely different to their console counterpart.

    And just doing a bit of checking, Genki did the home version (they ported several racers home and created Tokyo Highway Challenge which was really, really good) and Namco did the arcade Wangan Midnight series.

    Just a videogame geek chucking in his 2c 🙂

  3. Van said:

    Oh I knew it wasn’t a direct port – anyone who’s played both can spot the difference within seconds – I just couldn’t think of a more appropriate word than “port”!

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