Vintage Skyline Owners Club – Japan


In our travels around the net today, we stumbled across the Vintage Skyline Owners Club, a Japanese club devoted specifically to the “hakosuka” (ハコスカ) model – the KPGC10. Hakosuka is a popular name for the C10 among its fans, with “Hako” meaning box, while “Suka” is short for the word skyline – its full spelling being スカイライン; Sukairain. Which, when you pronounce it properly, is obviously a transliteration of its English counterpart. And so ends today’s lesson in Japanese (not that we know much of it)!

Of special interest on the Skyline Owners Club website is the gallery, giving a bit of an insight into what your average gathering of classic JDM fans in Japan looks like. Check it out!

Original Japanese version
Google Translated page

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