Vintage Racers at Motorsports Japan Festival

The annual celebration of Japan’s competition-bred cars known as the Motorsports Japan Festival was held recently. Here’s an awesome photo of some old school circuit warriors courtesy of Speedhunters. From front to back, That’s a Honda Civic, a Nissan Sunny, Toyota Starlet (?) and Prince Gloria. The best part about this event is that all the major manufacturers take part, and even deafen the crowd by running the race cars in a closed parking lot demo!


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2 Responses to Vintage Racers at Motorsports Japan Festival

  1. coupeZ600 said:

    Dang! That Civic looks BaaaD! BTW did you guys see that the Team Schwing Toyota Corolla GT-S won the Texas LeMons, and led flag-to-flag? Props to those Guys! This makes Six for Six, back to Dec.2007 !

  2. Ben said:

    Yup, congrats to Team Schwing and their blue bomber. According to Jalopnik, the other teams didn’t really stand a chance!

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