VIDEO: Toyota AE86 unites lonely drivers around the world

Toyota has launched a new ad campaign called “Next One” in Japan, aimed at getting millennials interested in cars and driving. The latest have been a three-part series that tells a tale as old as time itself. Boy likes girl. Girl likes other boy. Boy’s slightly cooler but still nerdy friend helps him forget that trick by introducing him to the engineering excellence that is the AE86 Corolla.

What’s amazing about these films is that they have been replicated, shot for shot, in three different countries — Australia, South Africa, and Japan. It’s like a real-life Initial D without all the touge battles.



South Africa

All three.

Previous Next One commercials have been as disparate as crossing the Australian Outback in Land Cruisers to CEO Akio Toyoda slinging a 86 through rally stages. Sadly, the three latest will do nothing to combat the stereotype that all AE86 drivers are girlfriend-less nerds (Full disclosure: I own an AE86).

Hat tip to Ken L.

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40 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota AE86 unites lonely drivers around the world

  1. Parrot said:

    That’s actually a great ad (disclosure: I also have an AE86). My son actually looked upon me quite differently recently when one of his mates was highly impressed to learn of what I had in the shed and wanted to come see it.

    Do we know anything of the production back story? Presumably they shipped the same car around the locations.

  2. cesariojpn said:

    They couldn’t make one in the USA with a heavily modded Hachi? SMH.

  3. CHM Patrick said:

    Fun fact: the guy who GETS the girl has an AW11.

  4. Pete240z said:

    Getting millenials interested in cars? Good luck.

    • mason said:

      aye don’t stereotypes us younger people. I’m sixteen and going to look at a car for sale this weekend, the car is a 1978 Datsun hl510 (stanza/violet). ive spent the last two years saving and working to get money so that i can buy my first car with all my money not my parents, so what im saying is there’s a few good car guys out of the younger generations… sadly just not enough true car guys.

      • Shakozoku said:

        Agreed! I’m also sixteen and I own a 1983 Corolla Hardtop that I bought with my own money. There are a few of us out there but most of the time, kids our age just do a whole bunch of drugs instead. :/

  5. felix said:

    Electric cars will be for the millennials
    with their car nerds talking wattage per tonne
    and how many Km’s before charging etc.

    Old car nerds will still have their fossil burning cars in the garage and
    probably paying a fortune to register and drive them because of their
    fuel and oil burning ways.

    • pstar said:

      “Millenials” are all like at least 16 by now, and the oldest ones are about 35. Most of the electric/hybrid “fans” are dumb old boomers who don’t take 30 seconds to think where their “eco friendly” batteries come from. I wonder how all those npr-listening idiots (who think fracking is the greatest crime ever and oil corporations are Satanic) will feel when they realize that manufacturing batteries for their precious Leafs and Priuses and Teslas requires strip mining on a vast scale and produces huge amounts of highly toxic chemicals (some of which are in the batteries themselves as well). /rant

      • atx said:

        You sound like someone ready for class warfare to me. As someone on the cusp of gen x and gen y can’t we all just get along? There are plenty of millennials into traditional cars, and plenty of older folks hugging trees or clinging to misinformation as well.

  6. John said:

    What Ben should have said was, “I own an AE86, and I have a girlfriend”. 🙂

  7. pstar said:

    Isn’t “lonely drivers” what Iketani and the noisy guy with the big lips called their sub-chapter of Akina Speedstars?

  8. Wantyerknobbies said:

    AE86 was never sold in the usofa

  9. Kurt said:

    The little bit of sideways action @ 48secs in the clip will never make it to Aussie TV LOL!

  10. Parrot said:

    Very true Kurt, they would have impounded it under the hoon legislation. Current affair will be on to that! Also, did I hear right with the bit about holding your hand out the window at 60???? It feels like a woman’s…..something? Breast, cheek??

  11. felix said:

    An early model Celica would be more relevant
    for Australian Toyota

    I would love Mazda to copy with their own Rotary ad
    Australians and Kiwi’s all grew up with a Rotary story.

    • James Cresswell said:

      Oh hells yeah.

      Mine involves being 18 and driving a mint baby blue RX3 couple on Spitfires and Eagers. 12a bridgeport with a big Weber IDA carb. Buzzer in every gear.

  12. zahmad said:

    No one in Australia in that age bracket can afford a mint AE86 to drive around everyday/if someone else pays for it, it will be a new car!

  13. Adam said:

    My god. The spirit behind these 3 videos. Incredible.

  14. Serg said:

    Sorry, I couldn’t listen to that song more than once.

    I have the strong urge to re-dub the Australian ad with the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” score and remove the dialogue.

    Steve – “Oh hey man, nice car, where we goin’?”
    Paul – “Oh you know, just down to the beach to watch this girl I saw a few years back hanging out with her boyfriend.”
    Steve – “Uhhhhh huh… um, hey I just remembered I forgot to hang my washing out for my… cat….I left inside…”
    Paul – “Get in the car Steve”

  15. robort said:

    lol no wonder the chick liked the other guy, sp00nta guy was beta as f#ck, been there done that.

    wonder how long it will take for him to learn that his car will only attract other guys.

  16. eme said:

    Funny how the Japanese version is the only one, where the word “tits” is actually being said. (oppai)

    • Gilluspe said:

      I noticed that too. When I first saw this article that had the English renditions I was waiting for it, then disappointed when they cut it. Apparently “boobs” is too offensive in English?

      Though I suppose I can see where they are coming from assuming those are official remakes by Toyota. Don’t want some random person flipping out and damaging their reputation..

  17. Yuri said:

    I tested this theory on the drive to work today. Holding your hand out the window of an AE86 at 60mph feels absolutely nothing like a girl’s (insert any body part here.)
    It feels instead like a Jerusalem beetle impacting into the palm of your hand at 60mph.

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