VIDEO: That one time Michael Bay destroyed a REPU

Michael Bay has unnecessarily ruined a lot of things, and today we add a Mazda REPU to that list. This is a scene from The Rock, and while most people remember the wanton destruction of a Ferrari F355, the clear tragedy here is the much rarer Mazda Rotary Engine Pickup. The saddest part is that the US-only Rotary Engine Pick Up was merely background fodder. They could have used any car and it wouldn’t have changed the movie one bit. 

Avert your eyes.

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20 Responses to VIDEO: That one time Michael Bay destroyed a REPU

  1. Aaron said:

    The Karmann-Ghia too!

  2. Nathan said:

    Michael Bay: Giving the middle finger to physics, inserting impossible explosions where there shouldn’t even be a fire, and just generally taking a dump on the concept of good taste. This just adds to his list of “crimes”. If Michael Bay was asked to make a scene in which two bodies of water came crashing together, he’d insert an explosion. How does he still have a job? People need to stop watching his diarrhea, especially when he uses it with complete disregard for rare objects. REPUs don’t grow on trees, Mike!

  3. Evan P said:

    My goodness, watching this scene just hit me that its the same sequence of events as Bad Boys when Will was running after Julie, through the hair salon and Martin saved him from imminent death from become a hood ordainment with the cab lol.

    Yeah Bay.. im starting to see a trend here..

  4. Legacy-san said:

    Bias against all Japanese cars is a real thing…if a collector compares a 1980s BMW or an Audi to the same year Skyline, Gloria, Laurel, Crown, Corona II, Luce or even a Debonair, they always drool over the Euro-trash, every time.

    • Mark Newton-John said:

      Ha ha ha ha. 80’s German cars are NOT special. In fact, they’re a liability. There’s a reason you don’t see them on the road, all the little bits have gone south, and they’ve likely been crushed.
      Window regulators, engine seals, climate controls… I had two Audis, and when they ran, they were great, but going through $15 cans of mineral oil (sound familiar Honda owners?) gets tedious.
      There’s a reason that BMW 750iL 12-cylinder is going for $5000…

  5. SHC said:

    Legacy-san. That perception is changing slowly but surely and is reflected in increased value and appreciation of early Japanese cars/trucks.

  6. Mark Newton-John said:

    I wouldn’t cry too much, those cars are probably junkyard cars, since they’re not trolling Craigslist for JNCs to blow up.

    • nlpnt said:

      A junkyard car in SoCal is a solid restorable in New England. A junkyard REPU in the northeast, if it wasn’t crushed 20 years ago, has its’ bottom 18 inches completely rusted away.

  7. Ant said:

    I recall reading that the 355 wasn’t actually real. Not sure whether that means he also destroyed an MR2 too, given the propensity for turning those into Ferrari replicas, or whether it was just a body on a donor frame…

    The REPU, sadly, seems real, though it’s just one of those things. While they’re more valuable and interesting today, 21 years ago when The Rock was released it was just a valueless Japanese truck. If it had meant anything to anyone at the time, it would have been sat in a driveway rather than being sold off presumably quite cheaply to a film production company.

    • Ben Hsu said:

      While it’s true Japanese classics weren’t as valuable back then, I can confirm that the REPU was already rare when The Rock came out! As for the MR2, if it was made into a replica, then I would say it was already destroyed and beyond rescue.

      • Randy said:

        The truck may be a “rat” by California standards, but here in the rust belt, that’d be a GREAT starting point for either resto or mod. Hell, if it’s “THAT” bad, but functional, a daily driver…

        Though you’re probably right about “at the time,” it was just an old truck.

        In what’s considered THE greatest movie chase, they didn’t hit ANYTHING, as I recall, though if you pay attention to the cars, you can see the ACTUAL chase was like, 3 minutes, but multiple cameras and good editing made it seem much bigger.

        Am I the only one who doesn’t mind a Ferrari getting trashed? I rather enjoy the “Supercars getting wrecked” vids on “the Tube.” Maybe it’s just because o the cockiness of the drivers…

  8. Rotsun said:

    like I needed anymore reason to hate michael bay movies lol

  9. r100guy said:

    If you stop at the video at :47 The REPU is seen parked on the street. The front end is already pretty messed up from a previous accident. Looks like it took a pretty hard hit to the right front with all the front plastics gone and the bumper/hood/fender mangled. Looks like it came from a junkyard.

    • r100guy said:

      On the other hand, if you stop the video at 1:20 the REPU is seen fully intact before the Ferrari hits it. The scene was filmed twice or the scenes are out of sequence.

  10. Gary said:

    I turned up to our local country fare (aka Ag Show here in Oz) and as part of the fireworks display they had a mini smash-up derby…Not one but two KE55 Coupe’s bit the dust that night! I tried in vain to explain to the guys they are classics – reply was they’re just old Corollas!!! and this was just two years ago!!!!!

  11. Taterhead said:

    At the 47 second mark as the Hummer goes by you can see that the front is already damaged. You have to be quick with the pause button.

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