VIDEO: Shakotan car show rollout

Yamguchi Old School Car Show rollout

And now for your viewing pleasure, a metric buttload of kyuusha leaving a car show in Japan. Every single one is a proper, old school Japanese sled. Also note the immaculate smoothness of Japan’s roads, which makes these shakotan rides possible. Watch the video below.


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13 Responses to VIDEO: Shakotan car show rollout

  1. DanMcD said:

    Nice 🙂

  2. Brett said:

    Great video.

  3. Ryan said:

    Daniel makes some great videos.

  4. Kurt said:

    How good was that?!

  5. Nigel said:

    Nissan count was 10 to 1.
    Nice to see all the four doors !

  6. Terrance said:

    Oh damn!! such awesomeness!. the white toyota mark 2 gave me a glimpse of what mine can look like with a slight drop and wider wheels.

  7. James said:

    I guess no excessive acceleration tickets there then…

  8. Michael said:

    The original surf lines on old skylines look so much better left alone IMO. Great video!

  9. Doreamon said:

    Daihautsu Copen Turbo ? Lol

  10. jdm only said:

    at 7:33 too gangsta

  11. pete240z said:

    it amazes me the rare cars and parts you see. truly amazing what is hidden away in garages.

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