VIDEO: Roadkill‘s $1,500 Japanese car challenge

The last time we saw the Roadkill guys, they were busy being confounded by an AE86 with historic plates. Perhaps seeking to delve deeper into the world of J-tin, they recently filmed an episode in which they each spent $1,500 on a non-Big Three jalopy. What happens when they trade barely running muscle cars for a barely running first-gen Mazda RX-7 and Honda Civic? An entertaining as hell episode, that’s what.

The duo first have to get their heaps running and then drive them to Las Vegas, where they were scheduled to attend the 2016 SEMA show. Then they took the cars to the Optima Street Car Challenge, where entries are, well, a bit more than $1,500. We won’t spoil the ending, but from desert breakdowns to midnight engine swaps, it’s all classic Roadkill.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Roadkill‘s $1,500 Japanese car challenge

  1. Jamal said:

    I just saw the episode…somebody scam them on a new honda engine!!

  2. cesariojpn said:

    If I knew Finnigan was doing this when I met him at SEMA, i’d be geeking out.

  3. Tom Westmacott said:

    Interesting the extent of the differences with the CVCC engine – sounds like old man Honda really pushed the boat out with that one.

    It’s a sign of Honda’s brand value in the US that those two cars sold for comparable amounts of money; if the Civic was any other car, you’d struggle to give it away in that state. The in-car video from the Civic is also (another) reminder of the importance of working suspension.

    RX-7 is obviously tatty, but looked good autocrossing.

    I hope someone restores them both, although the Civic might be a stretch.

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