Video: Japan's Greatest Cars, Mitsubishi Edition

From our water chestnut bureau courtesy of RedSunday, here’s a couple of great vids featuring Mitsubishis. First, a walkthrough of some of the triple diamond mafia’s greatest hits. Though we couldn’t understand anything except that the GTO MR has “dummy” hood scoops, the FTO desperately needs to be lowered on some wide wheels, and it’s hard fully grown man to squeeze into a kei-sized Mitsu 500. How did they even sell those things? There’s also a Hino Contessa Coupe and Isuzu 117 thrown in for good measure.

Follow the jump for a bonus video of an FTO owner brazenly unconcerned about bending a control arm.

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4 Responses to Video: Japan's Greatest Cars, Mitsubishi Edition

  1. Redsunday said:

    Why oh why was the FTO Japan only? would love to see a ke25 and an FTO side by side.

  2. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Love that engine snarl!

  3. Burabuda said:

    hmm, was the fto in an autox similar to what we do in the states?
    or was that some other sort of “just for fun” motorsport?

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