VIDEO: Infiniti Prototype 9

Reactions to the Infiniti Prototype 9 have been polarized. Perhaps photos don’t do the one-off design exercise justice. Luckily for you, Infiniti has released a series of videos showcasing its retro EV racer concept. Sometimes seeing the car in motion helps.

But whether you think it’s cool or contrived, at least Nissan craftsmen are building something other than another crossover concept.

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8 Responses to VIDEO: Infiniti Prototype 9

  1. Jim Simspson said:

    Personally, I think the enthusiast group at Infiniti are to be congratulated on the producing of an incredible piece of machinery honoring racing history… and modern technology all at the same time… it is a stunning creation and am guessing it would be a blast to drive…

  2. BlitzPig said:

    So, not only is it ugly, it’s electric as well…

    Sorry, I don’t get it.

    What is this thing supposed to do? What is it’s purpose?

    Hey! Let’s build a 1930’s Grand Prix car, but, I know, let’s make it sound like a power tool, and make it really odd looking too!!!! That will show the world how advanced we are!!!!


    • turbo said:

      because it’s just something that is possible, it looks amazingly good i could say better tan original cars from that era and it has technology that was SF at that time.
      probably it’s easier to drive than race cars 100 years. it’s a gadget

  3. SHC said:

    Nope, the entire front sideview is totally out of proportion to the rear section, driver compartment rearward. It looks best from the rear or three quarter rear view, but again the bulging hood and over all thickness of the front section let’s the design down.

  4. Cesariojpn said:

    Shut up and take my money Nissan!!

  5. Rotsun said:

    this things gorgeous, I find it bizarre anyone disagrees. I don’t see it being out of proportion it looks like any 1930s racer and it looks outstanding. The craftsmanship alone makes it a work of art.I guess this is one of those existential “what is beauty” kind of things.

    Shame they made it electric though, something with looks like that should have some serious sound coming out of it. Oh well at least Nissan is trying to get in touch with making cars exciting again. That’s what you guys are always bitching about right? :p

  6. Randy said:

    So it’s an idea car; a toy. That’s fine.

    Noticing how polarizing it is might be an argument to take styling in that direction; many will hate it, but many will LOOOOOVVVE it.

    Would’ve been nice if they’d mentioned performance, including range, since that’s the whole thing for EVs. The sound of it going would’ve been welcome too – even if it IS just the sound of the tires and a slight whirring.

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