VIDEO: Honda celebrates 65th birthday with “Hands” advert

Honda Hands

To celebrate its 65th birthday, Honda has created another insanely watchable commercial showcasing its long history of motorized products. In “Hands,” a single nut became everything from a Super Cub to an NSX to ASIMO the robot. It is the latest in Honda’s grand tradition of artful spots ranging from the clever “Cog” to the heartrending “Impossible Dream.” Watch the full video below. 

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8 Responses to VIDEO: Honda celebrates 65th birthday with “Hands” advert

  1. acbpanda said:

    Haha! Cool!

  2. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    Was that a RWD Civic doing doughnuts??

  3. Lupus said:

    65 years in buisness? Phew! Daihatsu is on the market from 106 years. 😉
    Nigga please 😀

  4. Nakazoto said:

    Excellent commercial!

    I’m particularly a fan of the (what appears to be) RC145 race bike that sounds like it has an RC164 soundtrack.

  5. cesariojpn said:

    Garrison Keiller must be getting some bank for doing the voice over.

  6. daniel said:

    Hey guys, why no 2 stroke? don´t forget that part of great history.
    Again Honda denied that important part of their works, they are the last 2 stroke 250cc word champion, it´s something to show, you dominate everithing and was the best.

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