Video – History of the Nissan Skyline


While browsing the JNC forums, I came across a posted Japanese video about the history of the Nissan Skyline.  I’m not sure how much detail they go into – it’s tough to say, since it’s all in Japanese – but the one universal language for the car world is as clear in this video as it is in any other: the classic Skyline is a treasure.  While I’m sure grandJDM’s Lachy would get a kick out of this video from the very start, the real fun for me begins at about 3:34 when we’re treated to the sound of an L28 revving hard in park.  Moving forward to about 4:12, and we see the car flying down the road.  The moment it steps out from behind a truck and shoots past the camera is a heavenly scene!

There’s a lot more from there, and newer Skylines too – when you see the boso style C110 (and its crazy gear stick), you’ll laugh and love it all at once – so Jump on over to YouTube to check it out.

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