VIDEO: Hakosuka spotted in Adventure Time

Hakosuka Adventure Time

A number of readers excitedly informed us recently that Adventure Time had featured a hakosuka. We honestly have no clue what the animated show is about, but in this particular episode, titled “Simon and Marcy,” a wizard and a little vampire girl take refuge in an abandoned Nissan Skyline when they hear an ominous rustle in the woods.

Adventure Time Nissan Skyline

The center console is unmistakably hakosuka, though the interior is flipped. The parking brake and steering wheel are positioned for a LHD car.

Adventure Time GT-R

The front view of the car even has an “R” on the grille. Though the car is never mentioned by name and serves only as a prop, it’s appearance is still significant. Adventure Time is an American program, airing on the Cartoon Network, yet the animators chose an iconic nostalgic that was never sold in the US.

Adventure Time KGC10

Sure there have been nostalgics in Japanese animation, like in Summer Wars and the newly released From Up On Poppy Hill, but in the past, though American animators drew heavily on Japan for inspiration (Transformers, MASKTMNT) few actual Japanese cars were drawn. Even ten years ago, a hakosuka in an American TV show would have been unthinkable. Whoever the mystery Adventure Time animators are, we’re glad you’re J-tin fans! You can watch the entire clip here.

Thanks to Ramon N. Eric K. Dylan S. and more!

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16 Responses to VIDEO: Hakosuka spotted in Adventure Time

  1. Brownie said:

    reminds me of my red tomica hako that looked like it was left in the open for years.

  2. Nigel said:

    Looks to me like the animators are also anime fans.
    (Spirted Away comes to mind).

  3. Kuroneko said:

    … not only that, but the bottle is clearly labeled in Japanese too. Though what ‘Raw People Water’ means is anyone’s guess. Or anyone with better kanji than me that is… Neko.

  4. TE72_Sunny said:

    I remember watching an episode of Archer with J-tin, I believe they were drifting an ae86 and a 240z. Pretty accurate drawings, too.

  5. boyee said:

    I spotted an FB RX-7 in a parking garage. I believe it was the episode where Bryan Cranston was a guest voice.

  6. cesariojpn said:

    We honestly have no clue what the animated show is about,

    Keep it that way, the series is crap.

  7. jacobbbb said:

    yes! i totally saw this! so glad someone posted it

  8. Darryl said:

    Archer is so much better than any animated show on right now, and if you check season 3, Poovey Farms Racing drift races a 4 door Rx2 against several other old school cars. I can’t get enthusiastic about Adventure Time. Its just too, well, weird. Very acid-trippy.

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