VIDEO: A street-legal, AWD, 1100hp Celica

At this point Lexus 1UZ swaps into lightweight classic J-coupes that weigh almost nothing are not a new thing. However, squeezing 1,100 horsepower out of the 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo turned up to 27 psi necessitated a GT-R’s AWD drivetrain for Jamie Heritage’s Celica — er, Ce-LEE-ka, rather, because Australia. With a gear set borrowed from an R34 GT-R and diffs pilfered from an R33, it was the only way get its prodigious power to the ground. 

Unearthed from an event called the Snowy Mountain 1000 by Jalopnik, Jamie’s Celica can scoot up to speeds of 311.7 kph, or 193.7 mph, in a 1,000 meter (0.62 mile) dash. But perhaps most impressively of all, especially to those of us living in California, is that it’s all 100 percent street legal, so Jamie can reverse the rotation of the Earth at the event and then drive straight home in it afterwards.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: A street-legal, AWD, 1100hp Celica

  1. Nigel said:

    Over 300 Kph in less than 1 Km. (Jet fighter like numbers) !!

  2. Sedanlover said:

    We’ve got a lot of nuts down under!

  3. Scott said:


    to be honest the vehicle defect rules here are off the heazy.
    It’s even written that you can be defected if your car creates too much attention which will distract other drivers. Talk about subjective.

    Luckily we are drastically underpoliced and so you’re more likely to get a speeding ticket from a hidden camera.

  4. Glenn said:

    Wow, impressive! Looks so easy to drive from in car shots too! It’s obviously set up so well, but man the wheel/tire combo look so off for a car with this performance? I’m only judging from the aesthetic but the wheels look too big and the tire too low profile… but the numbers tell a different story than my judgement. Anyone care to weigh in?

  5. LTDScott said:

    This could easily be 100% street legal in California too.

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