Victory50: for all your Hakosuka Needs


One of the great things about JDM tuners in general is that it’s quite common to find a tuner that caters for your particular model of car, and only that model. So if you have say, a Mazda Roadster, there are actually quite a few MX5-only tuners which you can go to, like Car Make Corn’s in east Tokyo for example. Everything you need from suspension and brake kits, to hard-to-find, out of production trinkets will usually be found at specialised tuners like these. So if you’re ever in Japan it’s worth seeking out the relevant tuner for your particular car.

But if you have a C10 Hakosuka Skyline, it seems that there is little point going anywhere else besides Victory50 (also known as Uchida Motor Works, or KGC10 Works). And in the best JDM Tuner tradition, it is a one stop shop for your classic Hako.


Conveniently located in east Tokyo, Victory50 offers mechanical, restoration as well as upgrade services. But the really cool stuff they offer are all the hot up parts for the Hakosuka. There’s little else to say so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Fibreglass headlight cover panels, which are MANDATORY for your next Hakosuka track day: US$200


And of course the look wouldn’t be complete without a works-style oil cooler: a little steep at US$700


Ultra-cool, handstitched replica of the original PGC10 GT-R steering wheel…not cheap at US$1400


Works-style racing overfenders if your factory-style flares just aren’t big enough for your uber dished wheels



FC RX-7 based brake upgrade kit to replace the tiny stock Hako discs (this kit is for use with 14in wheels, for you guys running 15s there’s a bigger set using R32 Skyline brakes)


Custom master cylinder stopper


100L extended range stainless fuel tank: US$2400


Custom diff mounting crossmember to take the bigger R200 diff from the later Turbo Skylines


Billet rollcentre blocks


Great looking finned alloy drums to replace the plain-looking stock items at the back



And if you’re chasing that “100-point” factory perfect restoration, Victory50 can help you out with reproduction items like a new jack (with repro factory stickers) and reproduction stickers for the factory aircon.



Quite frankly, any Hako owner could do some serious financial damage if let loose here….


Victory50 also organise trackdays for customers!

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of all the cool stuff. But don’t take our word for it: load up Google Translator, cut and paste in the Victory50 index page and go crazy.

We’ll definitely be paying them a visit the next time we are in Japan.

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  1. Lachy said:

    FWIW the finned drums are actually S30 items – a very popular upgrade for C10, C110, P510 etc. Much lighter and better at heat sinking. Not sure if those are reproduction or not, but original S30 items are now quite expensive. 🙂

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