Utilitas: For all your Landcruiser and DR30 Skyline RS Turbo needs…


Yesterday we did a feature on the ultra-cool (and ultra expensive) TLC Icon recreation of the classic FJ40 Landcruiser. If you really want a Landcruiser now, but the Icon was too rich for your blood (and you are in Japan) then perhaps this might be of interest.

Utilitas is located in Fukuoka, Japan and is in the unique position of being a specialist dealer in Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Skyline DR30 RS. Yes, really.

You know, I’ve never really thought that the two things went together, but browse through their stocks and it would seem that oldschool Landcruisers are worth a pretty penny in Japan.


It shouldn’t surprise that classic 1960s Landcruisers would fetch a good price, about Y2.5mil, but surprisingly the 1980s vintage ones do as well.


And of course if you finally decide that Landcruisers aren’t your thing, then you can always drive away in one of their tasty selection of early 80s Skyline Turbo RS-X Type Cs. This one looks mint at Y1.48mil.


Utilitas has got you covered!

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  1. 31GUN said:

    Gotta love the DR!

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