Uptown Girl: Infiniti Silvia?

We dream of one day becoming as important enough so that Nissan will invite us to exotic, faraway locales and give us cars to test drive while showing us sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Kinda like they did with the writers at Inside Line when they took them to Portugal and let them see the upcoming Nissan Silvia successor.

We’ve been following the rumors of Nissan’s lightweight RWD coupe since last year, when it seemed that the company was concocting something to do battle with Toyobaru AE86 successor. But as a result of their press junket, Inside Line is now reporting that a 350Z-based RWD coupe will be part of the Infiniti lineup, powered by a 2.5L V6, scheduled to appear in 2010. This doesn’t preclude a RWD Nissan Silvia that could still be in the works, giving Nissan a potentially unstoppable lineup of RWD sports cars to satisfy every budget.

[Inside Line]

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3 Responses to Uptown Girl: Infiniti Silvia?

  1. dan said:

    no fender mirrors =(

  2. Mark Brown said:

    Somehow I think an Infiniti badged car with a V6 isn’t likely to be in the “easily affordable” category we’ve been hoping these cars would fall into…

  3. Ben said:

    The article is speculating that a Nissan badged version with an inline four would still be available, so yay!

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