UK Barn Find unearths massive Toyota Celica collection and a Mitsubishi Galant GTO

So you found a Cressida owned by a little old lady who drives it to church once a week? Big deal. An enthusiast lucky bastard in the UK who goes by ra28gt on Retro-Rides was looking for Celica parts and got a tip about a guy who might have some. What he found instead was a dusty barn packed with so much J-tin he needed two car carriers to take them home. 

Parked door handle to door handle were 13 Toyota Celicas from three different generations in both coupe and liftback body styles, plus a Mitsubishi Galant GTO GS-R thrown in for good measure.

As Matt reminds us, the UK was one of the few non-Japan nations that officially got the GTO. These are all one-owner cars from a guy who fell in love with the first-gen Celica and just kept buying them. Some have only 6,000 miles on the clock and most haven’t been on the road since 1990 or so.

Two car carriers were needed to haul all the cars away, and the drivers kept getting stopped because people wanted to buy the cars. All we can say is this guy must have been an absolute saint in a previous life.

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28 Responses to UK Barn Find unearths massive Toyota Celica collection and a Mitsubishi Galant GTO

  1. Buffet BOSS! said:


  2. Nigel said:

    Wow ! They look like the trailers that went to JCCS.

  3. B210dude said:

    Worst part? They’ll all going to get molested/used for parts cars. What a shame.

    • Tyler said:

      Why would you assume that? Just because he was originally looking for a parts car does not mean he’s going to chop up a 6,000 mile creampuff.

  4. Brownie said:

    if that guy was santa claus, i’ve been a good boy, how ’bout giving me that celica?

  5. Rolando said:

    Wow! At least all these cars will be saved.

  6. bert said:

    So he just walked in there, said “Yea, I’m lookin for Celica parts………..DUDE! I’ll take em all!”?

  7. TE72_sunny said:

    I hate him so much!

  8. Toy_yoda said:

    Just another reason we had the Boston Tea Party

  9. Mark Reuterskiold said:

    I just want them all, clean em up to look like new, make them all run… Keep the best examples stock and tastefully modify the lesser ones. Drive em all, I’d get rid of my AE86 and my RA65 for em all, lol

  10. im jealous right now…! Lucky bastard 🙂

  11. Jim said:

    OMG. It must be nice. He must have had a big wad of cash to finance that acquisition. What a score!

  12. Lincoln Stax said:

    I can’t even afford one, much less all 13, plus the cost of renting two car carriers.

  13. Tyler said:

    I’ll take the brown notchback… kthxbai.

  14. DavidR. said:

    why doesnt this happen in the U.S.??? i need a surplus of 1st gen celica’s!!

  15. cesariojpn said:

    And most of them will be scrapped due to them failing MOT.

  16. Drew3x said:

    Blue 80s notchback for me please!

  17. TyFc3s said:

    …..”and thats when my epic quest for the ultimate barn find began, little did i know that my quest would take me around the world, cost me the the rest of my education, take 15 years, and leave me with more celicas, Zs, hakosukas, Kenmeris, cosmos, and most importantly Rx3s then i could handle…”

    that will be what i tell my grand children in 65 years after telling then about this post… look for me in a few years when its all over, ill have to sell some to fund the others..

    • z0iid said:

      “…then i could handle…” well, if you still don’t know the difference between then and than in 65 years, your children will probably drop you off at the nearest ‘useless old people center’ to properly dispose of you.

  18. gaijinshogun said:

    When the high of the find passes, the reality of the situation comes…

  19. mister k said:

    3 Heathfield Way is now “Carpet Showroom” lol

  20. dchil15 said:

    i call dibs on the yellow coupe celica next to the gto.
    now if only i had the cash and means to get them down under,
    lucky bast*rd

  21. nlpnt said:

    One of those low-mileage vintage Celicas looks an awful lot like a new Fiesta 🙂

  22. JIBBY said:

    Glad you guys like my rare find of toyota’s , defo once in a life time find 16 toyotas in total 2 of them are SECRET TOYOTA’S :-)))) JOIN MY FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES ON THESE RARE GEMS

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