Truck, Yeah! JDM Datsun 620

Feast your peepers on this bad, bagged 1979 Datsun 620 pickup found on the streets of Japanland by Mini Truckin’ magazine. According to the article, the paint is actually a very, very dark green though it looks black. Owner Hayato Muramatsu must be one proud papa.

[Mini Truckin‘]

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12 Responses to Truck, Yeah! JDM Datsun 620

  1. J.Ramirez said:

    That is very inspirational! Very nice! I’ll have to go around looking for that copy of Mini Truckin’!

  2. SrFairladyZ said:

    That thing is balls. And I don’t even like trucks.

  3. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    It’s funny ‘cus I have been looking for a Datsun 620 or 521 for awhile… this really makes me more determined!

  4. Edz280zx said:

    I’ve been oogling over that truck for a couple of years now…phenomenal work.

  5. leongsoon said:

    I don’t usually look at trucks any longer than 3 seconds, but I’m feeling this one!

  6. That is sooooo sooooo cool

  7. 88TSI_Rob said:

    Awesome truck.

    It’s almost comical how small that Datsun is compared to today’s pick-up trucks.

  8. Bob said:

    There’s one of these for sale near me with a blown motor from down south.

    How dare you tempt me.

  9. My friend actually got to meet the builder of this 620 when he was in Japan 2 years ago. It has been converted into a unibody. One of the cleanest 620’s even built !

  10. scigi said:

    this car is very good

  11. Charlie said:

    unibody! that took a lot of work. one of our favorites over at ratsun.

  12. Jared Ebert said:

    hey, I am from mexico, you have a beautiful truck, congratulatios, i want ask you a favor: please send to me fhotos from you truck to my mail, i have a datsun too and i\m gonna fix it, but i need your fhotos (all) for see and fix it like your\s. thank you. have fun with the datsun.

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