Truck Turner

datsunnl320.jpgBack in August, Mini Truckin’ published an top-notch retrospective of all the small Japanese pickups that have basically created the segment that gives the magazine its namesake.  A flat-green Datsun NL320 headlined that piece.  Now, another one of the diminutive unibody pickups has made the pages, Scott Rupp’s 1964 NL320.  Of course, this being Mini Truckin’, the truck was finished in House of Kolor blue and fitted with air suspension so it could be slammed within an inch of it’s life.  A lot of hard work was put into this little hauler, and it’s very cool to see vintage Japanese vehicles getting attention from so many different types of enthusiasts.

[Mini Truckin’]

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  1. Jeff Brown said:

    I saw that little blue Truck at this past Texas Heat Wave show in Austin. It was a very very clean truck. I am glad some of the classic japanese metal is starting to show more at shows. It was too bad for the buy with the little blue Datsun, I think his transmission died at the show.

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