Truck Everlasting

The popularity of old school Japanese vehicles just keeps on growing, pervading every band of the automotive spectrum. Mini Truckin’ magazine just put this seriously slammed Datsun NL320 on their September cover as part of a retrospective on the pint-sized pickups that gives the periodical its namesake.

Starting with Datsun in 1959, these wee workhorses from Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and Chevy kicked off the mini truck craze. As with so many other automotive phenomena, this one started in the West Coast and because the cars were cheap and reliable. Check out the piece and it’s accompanying gallery. For a look at a really miniature mini truck, take a peek at our Profile on the 1964 Honda T500.

Source: [Mini Truckin’]

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  2. kris said:

    This truck was built by friends of mine at go ez customs in california.

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