Toyotas of Puget Sound Off

Motoring J Style might have been the most publicized nostalgic car event of the weekend, but it wasn’t the only one. The Puget Sound Toyota Owners Club held their third annual Toyota Festival on Sunday, July 29.  The event welcomes Toyotas both new and old, like this bosozoku 1JZ-powered Corona Mark II wagon, as well as their Lexus and Scion badged cousins.  Check out this Flickr album for pics of the gathering.

Thanks to the Classic Toyota Town Group for the tip.

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  1. Aaron said:

    this corona is awesome, a really unique conversion. the 1J is an incredable motor. the wheels, cooler and huge rear camber make this a definate 10/10.

    be sure to visit we would love to find out more info and see more pics of this excellent machine.


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