Toyota Trueno TE27 Levin GT

Toyota Trueno TE27 Levin GT 001

Probably one of the more distinctively recognised and admirably styled models among the Trueno/Corolla range, the TE27 Trueno Levin GT was built from the E20 series – the second generation of the Trueno. Read on for a little more info, and some photos!

“Way back in 1971, the normal Australian-delivered Corolla of the same shape had a 1.2 litre pushrod motor that churned out 41kw (54hp). The JDM Trueno version has DOHC (only 8 valves though) and twin carbs to put out a “Hachi Roku” (AE86) rivalling 86kw (115hp). That’s over twice the power of the Aussie version.” – Source.

Trueno Trueno Trueno Trueno Trueno Trueno Trueno

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2 Responses to Toyota Trueno TE27 Levin GT

  1. Lachy said:

    IMO This is the ultimate JDM “overfender” car.

    It’s a beautiful car too. Underappreciated if you ask me!

  2. KE25-TE27 said:

    I agree. And im very happy to have 1! hehe

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