Toyota Supports JCCS

We often give Toyota a hard time about not doing enough for the enthusiast (especially old school ones) here at JNC, but we’re glad when the Big T proves us wrong. Toyota recently sent an email out to its e-subscribers about this Sunday’s Japanese Classic Car Show. They also posted the article on their Behind the Wheel website. Notice that they cut out the other cars (except the Corolla) from the flyer. Ha ha, just kidding. Unlike Nissan, Toyota is an official sponsor of the event, and we nostalgists are pretty thankful for that. We’re also jazzed that they’re telling non-vintage customers about it!

Click for coverage from the 2007 and 2006 JCCS shows. Thanks to Toyotageek for the tip!

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8 Responses to Toyota Supports JCCS

  1. Banpei said:

    Humor: Toyota cut off the poster just above the Corolla, leaving only a small part of that Mazda. Apparently they want it to appear as if Toyota is playing a large role in the JCCS. 😉

    Apart from that: hurray for Toyota! Great to see them sponsor the event! 🙂

  2. Dan said:

    Now if only they’d bring back the Supra, Celica, MR2…you get the picture

  3. Jeff Brown said:

    Well… it’s a good start.

  4. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    I thought Toyota only sponsored newspaper recycling-drives,tree planting events and Al Gore’s birthday party… 😉

  5. Kimico said:

    Good to know that Toyota sponsors JCCS.

  6. zulu said:

    i agree with dan. we need New RWD Toyota Sports cars to comeback! but this is a good start

  7. KresSlyda said:

    Exactly.. Would it also be too much to ask for Toyota to also start selling the JDM Rear wheel drive performance sedans like the Cressida, Chaser,Cresta, Crown Athlete/Majesta, Mark II and X, and Verossa? Toyota, like Nissan has produced some of the most awesome road machines on the planet. I don’t know why Toyota, especially is slacking.. the newest sporty car they have in the works is the Prius Turbo??

    Thank God, Nissan(GT-R, 350Z, and new 2010.. supposed, Silvia) and Mazda(Mazdaspeed 3 and 6, RX8) are the only Japanese manufacturers who care about performance recently.. and Mitsubishi for it’s Evo, too. Subaru’s new WRX is ugly and pathetically lower powered and pudgy looking. Even Honda/Acura is sportier than Toyota nowadays.. Euro Accord(TSX), new NSX, and the S2000.

    Even Pontiac and Cadillac are shying away from FWD. Toyota is LAME with all it’s current offerings. Unreal.

  8. KresSlyda said:

    Well, in a way.. we as consumers take 50% of the blame for the cancellation of some sporty coupes. It’s not only Toyotas fault. Realistically, have any of us bought the latest generation of the Celica or MR2?? If not, we didn’t help with sales of these models.. right?

    The 2005 Celica and MR2 both got cancelled that year, very sad to any enthusiasts of older Japanese nameplates.

    Most people who buy cars are commuters, families and older seniors. Who buy minivans and front wheel drive(especially snowbelt states) sedans. So cars like the RX7, Supra, and MR2 are no longer around.

    Personally, I hate minivans(except the Previa, older MPVs, and a modified Odyssey) and wouldn’t buy one, but we are also kinda to blame for the demise of some sporty cars, if we don’t currently have the latest model sitting in our driveway. Sorta, right?

    Okay.. don’t throw eggs at me, guys. Just trying to make a statement. LOL 🙂

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