Toyota Publica Starlet 1000

Before the Toyota Starlet became a hot RWD hatchback, it was part of the Publica line, chassis code KP40, like the Celica Supra. Before that, there was this, the KP30 Publica Coupe, sold as simply the 1000 in Europe.

This hot buildup hails not from Japan but from the UK. It’ll be in an upcoming issue of Retro Rides mag and you can follow the buildup on Racer86’s blog.

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9 Responses to Toyota Publica Starlet 1000

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Me likes very much!

  2. Nissaney said:

    Santa can drop that off in my sock any day!

  3. Nigel said:

    The Brits restore some great machines.

  4. BlownArrow! said:

    I love the clean look… It slick…..

  5. Retro car is a great, except that it cost $9.99 a whack in the US.

  6. zulu said:

    holy crap a starlet coupe! that thing looks awesome i have never seen one b4

  7. colink said:

    great car and a great guy as well

  8. Sarcasmo said:

    Very cool lil car. lol

  9. Kevin Truong said:

    Love this guys car! Racer86 is kool peoples.

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