Toyota FT-86 and AE86 Drift Through GT5

The Gran Turismo series has apparently been working so closely with automakers that every time a concept is revealed, a supplemental GT5 driving video accompanies it. Here, they’ve even included some brief scenes of the newly announced Toyota FT-86 Concept drifting with a panda AE86 Sprinter Trueno. Full video after the jump:

[Source: Edmunds]

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9 Responses to Toyota FT-86 and AE86 Drift Through GT5

  1. bert said:

    Hmm…. It does seem to take a few styling cues from the 370Z doesn’t it?

  2. Brad D. (TSiSS350) said:

    You know Bert as I watched that, before reading your comment I said….”Looks like a baby 350/370Z! Not a bad thing of course, still a little disappointed with the Suburu motor, but I will hold off final judgement until I get to drive one.

  3. cesariojpn said:

    Isn’t that the “Initial D Edition” Trueno following the FT-86?

  4. Nigel said:

    When does Best Motoring get one ?

  5. Lincoln Stax said:

    The Gran Turismo franchise is pretty much the only video game I play. The only reason I”m going to buy a PS3 is just for GT5.

  6. datsunfreak said:

    I seriously hope they figure out a way to price this thing reasonably…

  7. Matt said:

    I’m Excited! It’s starting to get good again! In a year, there will be a choice between a used 370Z (Sport Pack of course), Genesis Coupe 2.0T Spec R, and the FT-86! Small RWD cars rock!

  8. 85YotaMan said:

    I hear they’re going to be around $30k and only in Japan…?? If so I’ll import one! And I’m right there with ya “Lincoln Stax” My PS3 waiting patiently for GT5! …oh and don’t hate Subaru… The boxer engine is amazing!

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