Toyota Carina Escapes Motorcycle Gang

Here’s some footage of a very rare and very sleek Toyota Carina TA17 Hardtop. Leather-clad motorcyclists are so captivated by the Carina that they stop lurking in the shadows and give chase. Illuminated only by their headlights, the car is the star of what might just be the most poorly lit commercial of all time. What are these mysterious bikers trying to do, exactly? Oh, simply admiring the ride and not attempting to being threatening in any way whatsoever, as it turns out. And despite having a blinding spotlight shined into his face, the driver just flashes a relaxed smile and takes off.

UPDATE: Our Japanese friends have told us that the driver is actor Sonny Chiba!

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2 Responses to Toyota Carina Escapes Motorcycle Gang

  1. Tony said:

    Everybody knows driving a Carina helps you pull white chicks.

  2. Kari said:

    Yes, driver of that nice TA17 is Sonny Chiba and he was also “used” in Carina sales brochures at the time. Both sedans and hardtops.
    I´m lucky to own both cars in real life, TA17 hardtop and TA12 sedan and of course “lots” of brochures of those cars with Sonny.

    p.s. I just received 2nd volume of your absolutely amazing magazine, Thank you

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