Toyota 2000GT Is Teh Sex

See what we mean? The amount of attention lavished on antique J-rides simply continues to grow. As a result, the most expensive nostalgic, the Toyota 2000GT, is getting more ink than a yakuza lieutenant’s torso. It’s been making the lists at Forbes, Jalopnik and Winding Road, but the latest – and possibly the most pointless – example comes from Motive Magazine, which has named it one of the top 10 cars whose silhouette resembles a giant donger (NSFW if the word “phallic” in 150-point font would be deemed impolite at your office).

Now, we’re sure this is a real honor for the guys back in Nagoya, but the point of this post is to illustrate how the notion of Japanese classics has permeated the collective psyche of the mainstream media. If the 2000GT is on the tip of every auto journalist’s tongue, suddenly the idea of a Japanese collector’s cars won’t seem so far-fetched any more. It wasn’t always this way, even as recently as a couple of years ago. In other words, better buy ’em while you can. [via Autoblog]

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