Torrance Old School Japanese Car Meet

Oh look, here are some photos from a jam-packed weekend for J-tin enthusiasts. We hit up the Torrance Old School Japanese Car Meet last night and witnessed this sexy party of nostalgics going on.

As much as we’d like to take credit for this oh-so-rebellious act of vandalism to the No Loitering sign, the gathering was actually quite the civilized summit of mutual automotive appreciation. Honest, Officer, it was like that when we got there!

Anyway, Let’s let Dan’s camera do the talking.

Let’s meet your chief instigators, Boris (left) and Jorge, who both drive bitchin’ Datsun wagons with hood ornaments. You may have seen Jorge’s 810 goon in the JNC forums posted under zetozeto99. We brought a trunk full of magazines for them to hand out. Thank/blame them for putting together this awesome powwow.

Here’s Boris’ 910 hay hauler. That is meant literally, as he bought it for $500 from a farmer that used it to carry both horse food and its aftermath (poo). But hey, it looks killer with fender mirrors, slammed.

The origins of this meet can be traced back to Ratsun, which explains the preponderance of Datsuns (like this 620), but it soon spread across teh internets to JNC, craigslist and who knows what else, probably lolcats.

Quick, let’s put up a photo of a Corona Mark II before all the Toyotaku get mad. This rare piece was gorgeous, despite the unfit wheels. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner of this Beige Beauty.

torrance_old_school_meet28 This minty mint Hilux not only looked uber-clean, but idled and ran as smoothly as a 2009 Lexus. It also proves the old adage that stock Mitsubishi Starion wheels look good on anything.

The owner of this 1980 Cressida must have saved a bus full of burning children in a past life, because somehow he found this one-owner old lady gem with only 57,000 miles on it and got it for a steal. This probably means he will be reincarnated as a toad.

Hope we don’t sound sexist when we say we were surprised to learn that the owner/builder of this hot rod Z, which has no dash, speedometer, or interior to speak of, is a girl. And no, we do not have a picture of her.

It’s so rare to see a clean TE51 Corolla, and the pale yellow color (with pinstripes) of this one is so fittingly retro. It could benefit from a slam, but it the paint should be sealed under 500 layers of wax to retain its originality.

A few new non-nostalgics showed up as well, and here’s a neato side-by-side showing the extended Nissan clan, from old school Datsun to new school Infiniti.

And what’s this, a 1972-ish Mustang Mach 1? It was allowed to join in on the fun too. Nearby in the massive lot there was an old school V-Dub show and a few muscle cars as well, but the nostalgics were rolling deepest by far. You can head to MotorMavens and Ratsun to see some more pics.

Boris and Jorge are making this meet a regular, so remember: first Friday of every month, at the In-N-Out Burger at 24445 Crenshaw Blvd. in Torrance, CA. See their post for more details.

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12 Responses to Torrance Old School Japanese Car Meet

  1. Dan said:

    Great job Jorge and Boris! I’m looking forward to this becoming a regular event. Just make sure you eat before you get there…the smell of In-N-Out wafting over was killing me!

  2. matt said:

    boris looks a bit like christian bale in that pic

  3. Ben said:

    I think he bears a resemblance to jim carrey, lol

  4. banpei said:

    Damn, I’m already drooling when seeing the pictures of those the Mark II mk2, TE51 and HiLux. And yes I’m a Toyotaku! 😀
    BTW: those Starion wheels always looked like five spoke Celica Supra Mk2 wheels to me! 😉

  5. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Thanks for the coverage guys! Good having you out!

  6. Moisabamf said:

    i bent up that sign, lol
    great meeting you guys there, i had the green 1200

  7. sliding_creep said:

    christian bale?!? jim carrey?!? at least no one said “knoxville”


  8. Sanchez said:

    Hi every one…. Names jose but most people just call me sanchez

    im the one that took the mark II to the meet… I personaly dont know much about the car just love to drive it, but hopefully next time my dad will come along cause its his car.

  9. i’ll try to be there but can any one tell me where exactly on torrance is it gonna be and date? thanks email me i will show up with my 1971 Mazda RX2. check it out guys. thanks guys. keep up.!

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