Tomytec: little classics

lv49_03.jpgThe fact that Tomy make little toy cars should come as no great surprise to any GrandJDM reader.  But did you know that it also has a special line of classic toy cars?  Well…you do now!  It’s called TOMYTEC.

They make trains, etc, but have some tasty selections in cars.  Check out Mr K’s Selection (older favourite Nissans of the ex-Nissan USA president and “father of the Z-Car”), their eclectic collection of trucks, police cars and taxis, their historic race car collection and their vintage sedan lineup. Make sure you click on the links at the bottom of each page to see the other models in the range!

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  1. toyotageek said:

    This is a terrific series. The scale is much easier to store & display than 1/18 scale, and is way easier on the wallet!

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