Tokyo Daze: JDM (Jedi) Parking


Since there’s quite a bit of interest here on Japanese culture, we’d add a regular segment for little snippets of JDM life. The first cab off the rank is….JDM PARKING! Once thing you notice when you travel around Japanese cities is that even in the suburban areas, space is very scarce. And for some reason, even though many houses have a space in front, it’s often not actually big enough for something like say….a car.

And so JDM drivers seem to have this rather stunning skill to park in tight spaces without scratching the paint. It’s usually the driver’s side which is parked close to the wall (for obvious reasons) but everywhere you go, you’ll see cars, trucks even, tucked scrapingly (but not quite) close to wall….now, I reckon I could do this once, maybe twice, but if I had to do this *everyday*, my head would explode.


…and it does start to make sense as to why lots of JDM cars have electrically folding mirrors.


And check this out….everybody reverse-parks!


…ok except for that Starlet owner.

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5 Responses to Tokyo Daze: JDM (Jedi) Parking

  1. EJ25RUN said:

    Haha at Starlet owner

  2. toyotageek said:

    must have been a foreign tourist – stupid Gaijin! LOL

  3. altoidsburnme said:

    I would love to see how Bosozoku owners park their cars, considering their massive body kits and wings.

    But the Starlet owner… must be a very special person, if you know what I mean.

    Interestingly, Car and Driver once had a picture of a Corolla crammed into a garage only slightly wider than the car itself.

  4. stansome said:

    I’m gonna want to vote that the Starlet did in fact back in… But he went for extra credit! Even though I’m in the U.S. and people practically have whole cities to park in comparatively, I’ve always been a close parker. At the place where I live, my dad and I have adjoining spaces, so when he’s in straight, I back in within four or five inches of body because the spaces must have been stenciled around clown cars. When you do it all the time, it gets real easy.

  5. leongsoon said:

    Parking that close and gettin in/out of the vehicle is relatively easy when you do it everyday 🙂 Well, maybe not THAT close, but about 5 inches is ok :p

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