Tokyo Daze: Bicycles!


We kinda alluded to it last week, but in Japan, heaps of people get around on bicycles.

That in itself is not so unusual…in Tokyo there are so many train stations and the various lines all criss-cross each other so much that you are never really that far from a station. So lots of people will ride their bikes to the station, and then take the train to work. But there certainly isn’t any room in a crowded JDM train….so what do they do with their bikes?

Well. They just leave them on the street.


And they’re usually unlocked.


They are EVERYWHERE in Tokyo. Seemingly abandoned.


But not really abandoned…at the end of the day, all of these bicycles will magically disappear as their owners come back and ride them home. And they’re never stolen. Ever.


Out in the ‘burbs, a very common sight are JDM housewives zipping around with bikes equipped with baby seats. 


Nope. No bikes in here.


And as I alluded to a few weeks ago, you are much more likely to find a bicycle parking facility near a subway station than a car parking facility!


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  1. leongsoon said:

    Yes, bicycles are an integral part of a Japanese salaryman’s life, and that bike with the vertical number plate is kewl!

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