This Just in From the ’80s


While grandJDM might generally be focused on the days of 60s and 70s Japanese steel, there’s no shortage of great looking boxes from the 80s that deserve a bit of a look in.

The boso/garuchan/yankee style is an especially keen genre for these cars, and lofreq over at the forums has an ongoing project happening to turn his ’87 Mark II into a low-ridin’ guard-scrapin’ pipe-extrudin’ boso beast. Reading the project thread has been a treat, so check it out.

Incidentally, what do you all think of the boso look? Awesome? Hilariously awesome? Or a freakin’ eyesore?

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5 Responses to This Just in From the ’80s

  1. terrible10 said:

    Boso…….awesomely dead sexy!!!!!

  2. dmhc69 said:

    reminds me a lot of this this. seems to be hosted on a New-Zealand site too!

  3. dmhc69 said:

    haha, i just realised that has its own article! that’ll teach me to go posting before i read the entire site!

  4. importjap said:

    I just want those rims :O

  5. lofreq said:

    hello! friend of mine just sent me the link to this site – im amazed so many ppl have had a look at my build. glad you sorta like it!

    been on hold for AGES now but its due back in the shop oct 16th for body and paint, then finally back on the road. so stay tuned im not done yet!

    cheers all 🙂

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