This is a call!


Alright lads and ladies, it’s time to put your voting hats on. The gang over at – a site dedicated to automotive news – have put together a poll on the best Skyline GT-R of all time. Now of course, you know what this means. Friends, countrymen, you must do the right thing! The hakosuka C10 GT-R is on the list (despite the fact they’ve used a GT-X for the photo), and as much as I would have loved to have seen a kenmeri C110 up there as well, this will at least narrow the options for us eh?

Get over there and vote for the C10!

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  1. mattathias said:

    Sorry champs. R32 and everything Jim Richards said to the crowd at Bathurst when he won the second time! A truly epoch moment and a car that will look every bit as good as the c110 in 30 years time.

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