The Z to end all Zs

mull.jpg Where do you reckon would be home to the most ridiculously awesome S30Z in the world? You might think it’d have to be Japan, with their crazy big turbos and ability to turn anything old and Japanese into a masterpiece… or maybe you’d think it would be the U.S.A., where some of the finest customs in the world are built, and supercharged V8’s are sold by the dozen in wooden crates at Wal-Mart. But you’d be wrong. You forgot about the country that brought us ABBA, Volvo and “bork bork bork!” (was that last reference too obscure?)

For over 2 years now, Philip (better known as Mull) has been hard at work with his 240Z, turning it into what can only be described as a piece of engineering magnificence. Graciously, he has documented the entire build from very beginning to its stage now (which involves welding in the suspension from an R32 into the rear end) with great photographs and very entertaining videos. The build is nowhere near completion just yet, but this is a testament to his dedication to create a car without compromise rather than anything else. The project is documented at one of our favourite forums, Classic Z Cars.

Visit the thread, now.

I have no doubt that when finished, this will be one of the best modified S30Z’s in the world. Possibly the best? We wait with baited breath…

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