The Z Has Landed

Remember Yuta Akaishi’s Mad Max Z? Here’s another epic photo from NorCal’s Heartbreakers crew that will probably take over the Internets again. Maybe we should call it the E.T. Z now.

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9 Responses to The Z Has Landed

  1. cesariojpn said:

    Ehhhh, dunno if hellaflush should be done on a Fairlady Z…..

  2. Nigel said:

    I like it, lets park it next to the “6 million dollar Z”.

  3. bert said:

    cesariojpn- This car goes WAY beyond hellaflush! It looks like the car was rolling along one day, when someone stuck a huge magnet to the ground and sucked it right under!

    This is a shot from the japanese version of E.T. when the hero kids took E.T. back to his spaceship in a flying Zed car.

  4. Juan said:

    Man, I’m going to miss that car when it goes to Japan…

  5. Tyler said:

    Fantastic. Maybe when he’s finished, you guys could feature it in the mag.

  6. Kyusha Kai said:

    juan: the cars going to japan?

  7. Juan said:

    Yeah. But in like 3 years =P

  8. z4life92 said:

    @cesariojpn hellaflush on a Z is SO sweet!! i praise Yuta for giving us this Z

  9. marvis said:

    Car looked better before.

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