The Teletubbies Were Never This Hard Core: JDM Giant Furry Kids Show Characters Go Drifting

Well as all you japanophiles know, Japanese TV really exists in its own parallel universe. So it shouldn’t surprise that even kids shows in Japan will have you scratching your head as to what the heck is going on.  But in the case of a particular episode of Hirake! Ponkiki, this is weirdness on a good level!  Watch in amazement as the furry green giant-headed Gachapin dons an oversize helmet and puts an S2000 and Integra through their paces at Twin Ring Motegi.

…and try not to laugh out loud at the 2:05 min mark!

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14 Responses to The Teletubbies Were Never This Hard Core: JDM Giant Furry Kids Show Characters Go Drifting

  1. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    Yep, 2’05 – That’s when I let loose and my wife asked what the heck I was watching!

  2. Komeko said:

    Not drifting, Gymkhana, like autocross with only a dozen cones and a course that overlaps itself a dozen times.

    1. What is the SFI fire rating of a big furry cartoon character suit? And is there actually Nomex in one of those suites, or does Gachapin go “poof” in a giant flash of flame when exposed to fire?

    2. Do they actually make Snell rated helmets for big furry cartoon character suits?

    3. If the interior temperature in a race car is usually 120+ degrees, and nearly unbearable in normal safety clothing, how much worse is it when wearing a giant furry cartoon character suit?

    4. Seriously, how impressive is it that someone can actually drive that well while wearing a giant furry cartoon character suit?

  3. Bob said:

    That was great, haha.

    I’m wondering, based on the description of the video, if the whole show is devoted to cars, or if that was a one-time thing? Also notice the Ford racing tin sign on the set behind the brown monster. Odd.

  4. BlownArrow! said:

    See! I told my wife I wasn’t the only person that drives really fast in a big Fuzzy cartoon suit! Stupid woman……

  5. Ben said:

    Thanks for posting this Kev! After a weekend of traveling to the Solvang Roadster Classic and Z Car Natls we are too pooped to come up with a Monday post. Also, that was nutso! Somehow I think the three-year-old me would be terrified of Gachapin, with his sickly expression and arm wart outbreak. He sure can drive though.

    Bob: this is a kids show, similar to Barney the dinosaur in the US so probably a one-time thing, sadly.

  6. Kev said:

    In a very special issue of Barney, everyone’s favourite imaginary dinosaur will be going to Talladega for some hot laps in a Busch car.

    ^somehow I don’t think so 🙂

  7. robakun said:

    I used to watch that show before I went to school!

  8. Brad(TSiSS350) said:

    Well…….at least now we know what Gan-San and the boys do with there time off!

    Seriously though…..that was like a VERY trippy episode of “Best Motoring International” Kev, thanks for the link, haha!

  9. Timbo - b1500boy said:

    What Kev!!! Barney is imaginary???

    Hey we could get Humphey B Bear out of retirement and it to this as well.

    Fast and the Furry?

  10. joe said:

    this is a great way to corrupt our children!! maybe we’ll see Ernie and Bert Drag racing

  11. WOW, Those are skills to drive with that stupid suit on.

  12. Kev said:

    I think a couple of times you see his/its hands slip on the wheelrim, I guess that green fur ain’t that grippy on leather 🙂

  13. Mike said:

    Haha, great way to start the week! SOUPUA SPEED-A-WAY!!!!!!!!!

  14. slickwrick said:

    sorry kev i tried not to laugh

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