The SR5 Club Speaks

It’s a retrospective bonanza! Hot off the heels of our profile on Mike McGinnis about his days working at a Datsun dealership in th 1970s, Automotive News has published an article about Toyota’s early years and the many hardships that almost caused them to fail miserably in the US market.

Accompanying the piece is a video interview with several members of the SR5 Club, a group of Toyota retirees who hold their meetings at the Toyota Museum in Torrance, CA. It’s interesting to note that although companies like Toyota and Nissan now seem impossibly massive, in their heyday it was still easy to catch the ear of upper management, as both McGinnis and these retirees can attest to. The stories they recount are entertaining to hear, and the one in which the former employees asks where the “bay of pigs” is located illustrates a lot about why Japanese automakers have come as far as they have.

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  1. TOYOTA SR5 => in FRANCE : TOYOTA TERCEL 4WD => type : WOAL25, motor 3A => 1,5L

    We are a tercel club in FRANCE!

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  2. Edward Pancoast said:

    Toyota SR5 Club,
    I have a 1981 Toyota SR5 longbed with approx. 600,000 miles on the chassis and 300,000 on the second engine. It generally runs fine. I have considerable problems finding certain replacement parts for this truck which I love and refuse to part with despite everyone telling me I need a new truck.
    I would like to make contact with a club or owners group that does swapping and or has knowledge of where to get miscellaneous parts for this vehicle.
    I also own two Camrys, a 92 and a 93 both 4 cylinder which still get 30 mpg on highway. I use synthetic oil in all my vehicles engines with great results. Ed Pancoast, Danville, Ca.

  3. Ben said:

    Hi Ed,

    Please see the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club for details:

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