The Path Less Followed


Any time you search for classic JDM – and for many of us, any time we even think of classic JDM – you’ll invariably wind up looking at a beautifully modified 240Z, a crazy Rx-3, or a pristine C10 GT-R.  Of course, there are others that easily spring to mind, but for those of us not freakishly obsessed with every facet of the classic JDM culture (Kev, Lachy, I’m looking at you lads!), there are many more models and makes that we simply don’t think of, know much about, or have never heard of.

So with that in mind, we bid you: feast your eyes upon this brilliant collection of photos and stories (if you can get your head around the translations) exploring the less well known – but just as enthusiastically loved by their owners and fans – classic JDM cars rolling around the land of Japan.  Some of these babies sure make me think twice about desperately hunting down an s30 or C10!

Link: Gyakusyu

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  1. Kev said:

    Good find!

    There are quite a few cars in there I never seen before…

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