The Most Aptly Named Website, Ever.


The online classic JDM community just keeps on growing and growing. Old Japanese Car – perhaps the most aptly named website in the history of teh intarweb – will soon be launching a full website covering all there is to know about, well, old Japanese cars. In their own words: “We aim to provide a central place where people with an interest in old Japanese cars can get together. Whether you want to share your experiences of the Mazda Montrose, ask for advice about the Honda Accord, or know of a Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo going cheap, you’re welcome here. As well as this, we intend to have interesting features, car showcases, scans of brochures/adverts from all over the world and more.”

They’ve already got a gallery or two up on their site right now, so check it out. Post haste mates.

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  1. Lachy said:

    Dan’s a champion, his taste in shit cars is impeccable! hahah

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