The Master and The Apprentice


Magazines come and go—especially car magazines—but from the 1960s to the mid 1980s, Australia had a great magazine in the form of Sports Car World. It was the “right” kind of magazine, written by enthusiasts and never, ever featuring anything as prosaic as family cars and hatchbacks! Sadly defunct since about 1987, SCW had some terrific articles that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

This is one of those articles.

The first FWD Celica was released in 1986: a turnaround point for affordable Japanese sports cars, with class leading performance in a modern, good handling package. It was the very first Japanese sports car which was uniformly hailed as being better than its Euro counterparts. So it would be a tough benchmark for Toyota’s (then) 20yr old 2000GT and the conclusions of the article certainly make good reading (imagine comparing a Honda S600 with an S2000). Enjoy.




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