The Hondells' "Little Honda"

In celebration of American Honda’s 50th Anniversary here’s a bonus Friday Video. Put your hands together for The Hondells and their 1965 hit, “Little Honda”.

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6 Responses to The Hondells' "Little Honda"

  1. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    Yea!! It’s Alright!

    My wife always sings this one, but it’s the first time I heard it right from the Hondells!

    Thanks guys!

  2. kingofthering said:

    Y’know, if you replaced ride with drive, theoretically the song applies to quite a few Honda vehicles. 😀

  3. Toyotageek said:

    Gee wiz, that sure was a swell song!

    Gosh Wally, I wish I had a Honda Cub to impress all the girls!

  4. slickwrick said:

    i like this song!!!
    i would also love me a groovy little motor bike!

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