The Gray Lady on Nostalgics

We’re always scanning mainstream media outlets for stories on vintage Japanese cars, just to see where we enthusiasts stand in the eyes of the unenlightened. Well, we’ve managed to find another one from the New York Times, a task made somewhat easier by the fact that we(!) got a shout out. Having subsequently sullied the Times‘ otherwise stalwart journalistic reputation, we feel obligated to mention that this is in fact the third time in the six months – preceded by an article on collectible Toyotas and a profile on Brian Baker and his Honda S-cars – that the Gray Lady has turned its attention to nostalgics. Now if only Ben would shut up about trying to get Maureen Dowd’s phone number…

This latest addition to the Times‘ hallowed anthology comes hot on the mudflaps of last weekend’s 3rd annual Japanese Classic Car Show, which grows in size every year and has really helped out our community by providing, among many other things, publicity and awareness of J-classics. Still, there are some non-believers in the comments section of the post. Oh, how naive. We hope for their sake that they wear tasty hats.

[Source: New York Times‘ Wheels]

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