The End of a Kareha?

kareha.gifIt’s being reported now that the Japanese government is encouraging drivers over the age of 65 to hand over their driver’s licenses. It’s a move meant to reduce congestion in crowded cities and road accidents as well, about 100,000 of which in 2007 were caused by elderly drivers. In return, businesses are offering them things like higher interest rates at banks and discounts on meals, because we all know that if there’s two things the elderly like, it’s saving and meals (probably at 4pm).

Anyway, since our beloved kareha elderly driver’s mark is only required above age 75 (and recommended above 70), could this mean the demise of the orange and yellow leaves?

[Motorcycle Daily via Jalopnik]

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One Response to The End of a Kareha?

  1. Burabuda said:

    after t-boning a 92 year old man who pulled in front of me while i was driving 50mph, i say we press our elected officials into similar action

    unfortunately, many of our politicians are over 65, as are many of their constituints, so such thing isn’t very likely to happen

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