The Earliest Integra, Comin' At Cha in '83

For today’s history lesson, we trace the origins of a name synonymous with the import movement: Integra. Say that name and images of bespoilered, front-wheel-drive street racers immediately spring to mind. But before Type-Rs and GS-Rs there was the VT250F Integra, a full-fairing version of Honda’s VT250F motorcycle. Debuting in 1983, the 8-valve V-twin four-stroke made 35hp and revved to an 11,000 rpm redline. It wasn’t a very notable bike, but its early usage of the Integra name should pique some interest in devotees of Acura’s new-age hot rod.

[Image: Honda]

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3 Responses to The Earliest Integra, Comin' At Cha in '83

  1. El Kimico said:

    Nice bike! It revved more than a rotary engine. 11,000 rpm it’s very impressive.

  2. OZVT250F said:

    I have a slightly later version of this bike and am trying to find service manuals and any and all info for it, The bike is a VT250F II special edition integra full faring bike with an MC08 engine and TWIN FRONT DISKS as to the standard single inboard disk mostly spoken of with VT250F’s.
    EL KIMICO not meaning this hash but according to the tacho this thing of mine should red line about 1300rpm how honest honda was being back then I dont know?
    If anyone out there knows of where and how to get any info for this bike would be greatly appreciated.

    Stay upright 2008.

  3. Craig said:

    G,Day just letting you no that I have been told by A honda dealer that these bikes ar a Gray Import.
    I bought one last week 1985 mod and on way home from Melb between Semor and Albury the seat blew off and I can not get a replacement you would not by chance know of one ?
    Regards Craig.

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