The Devil Z’s in The Details


I wanted to link to this article a long time ago, but TunerZine overhauled their website, and the link I had to the article no longer worked. But hey, I’ve found it again, so here we are.

I’m sure that by now, you’re all familiar with Austin Hoke’s 240Z, and you might even be familiar with the video of him crashing his old white 260Z in a tunnel. Good times, good times. I was pissed at the time to see yet another classic Z consigned to the scrap heap, but two years later this blue beauty rolled out of his garage, the product of more sweat and tears than the the white 260 ever saw. I guess every cloud has an alloy lining after all.

Head over to TunerZine and read a little about this amazing car.
Then head to Austin’s personal build page.

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  1. importjap said:

    That’s hot !

    Love the massive cooler

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