The Datsun of Woz

When our windows machine died an untimely death earlier this year, we made the jump to Apple. The the guy in this video is partially responsible. There’s no doubt by now that you’ve seen the 80s-rific commercial in which Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hawks the 280ZX resurface on auto and tech blog alike a few months back, and then again when he recently announced he was auctioning off his 2005 350Z for charity.

We have to hand it to the guy, rather than shy away from a 30 second yearbook photo The Woz embraces it fully and self-parodies, uh, himself. Weird Al Yankovic’s “White & Nerdy” even plays as he’s pulling away. When the news first broke he was asking a round $100,000, but the price has now been reduced to about half that. Sale of the century? Well, a brand new NISMO 350Z starts at $38,070, so it’s really like the car plus 20 grand for lunch at Wozniak’s house and the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get knowing that he’s donating it to a charity, if UC Berkeley can be called that. The new video can be seen here.

[Source: TUAB via Autoblog]

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