Thai Fighters

To paraphrase George Peppard’s John “Hannibal” Smith, “We love it when the world comes together.”  Especially around nostalgic cars.  One of the most rewarding experiences about Japanese Nostalgic Car is when we see old school love coming from all corners of the globe. This time, dear reader pecx has posted a mind-blowing thread of some serious nostalgic car hotness from Thailand. We’re talkin’ five chili peppers here! You want fender mirrors? Check. Bolt-on fender flares? Check. Fat-lipped rims with stretched tires? Check and check. Look out world, Thais know how to keep it raw, like a kickboxer’s shin!

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  1. Hi,

    Man….I feel goose bump….’cuz I’m from Thailand too !

    The guys down by BangSaen — on the way to Pattaya ( a renown beach town )….. know how to cook the chilies….for sure !!!

    I’m sure that the trend may have most impact from this ” Japanese Nostalgic Car ” site…… And some from the following links ;


    George Manont
    Bangkok, THAILAND

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