Thai Fighters II: Bangkok Nostalgic Car Show

Ever since we saw the awesome pics from a Thai enthusiast gathering, we’ve been craving more. As luck would have it, an email from Thailander George Manont popped up in our inbox the other day, telling us about the recent Bangkok Nostalgic Car Show. Problem was, the link he sent us was so image-heavy that it nearly crashed our computer. We normally don’t do this, but these rides were so cool we had to share, so we saved most of the photos are resized them in this thread.

Here’s George’s own words:

Like in Thailand, we have a bunch of Japanese Car Lovers as per the following testimonial. The above was some kind of gathering of ALL older cars. It just so happened that 90% + shown up with Japanese cars. Automobile in general in Thailand is , to western world, quite amazing as we have all kind of cars from almost all brands. But Japanese cars are always the market leaders. In this respect, Toyota is #1, follow by Isuzu (1 ton truck), then Honda. And the rest of around 25% or less is shared by the like of Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Suzuki. I realize that you don’t read Thai, but I’m sure that the pictures may have told a lot of story there!

If you’d like to see the original pics for yourself, click here, but be warned. Thanks for the tip, George!


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3 Responses to Thai Fighters II: Bangkok Nostalgic Car Show

  1. Dear Ben & Friends,

    I’m so sorry that my attached / links were so heavy with pics….. I do hope you can carry on.

    I’ll keep you posted on the ” Japanese Nostalgic Car ” scene here.

    Meanwhile, have a save & fun riding !


    George Manont

  2. Ben said:

    No apologies necessary, George! We were glad to see the pics, and please do keep us updated. Thanks again.

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